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Universal Silicon Nitride Hot Surface Igniter 80 Volt 120 Watts

Watts 120
Includes 80 Volt Silicon Nitride Hot Surface Igniter, Full Replacement Product List, 2 Universal Brackets, 2 Wire Nuts, 3 Ceramic Spacers, High Temperature Cable, Full Fitting Instructions and Appliance Contact Label
Voltage 80
Amana 11111701
Lennox 41K5601
Industry No. 46K56
White-Rodgers 768A-143
Thermo Products 768A-143
White-Rodgers 768A-15
White-Rodgers 768A-2
White-Rodgers 768A-4
White-Rodgers 768A-455
White-Rodgers 768A-5
White-Rodgers 768A-815
White-Rodgers 768A-842
White-Rodgers 768A-843
White-Rodgers 768A-844
White-Rodgers 768A-845
White-Rodgers 768A15
White-Rodgers 768A5
White-Rodgers 768A845
White-Rodgers A341947P01
Trane B340970P01
Trane B340970PO1
Direct Brand HSIURK80V
Trane IGN 00117
Trane IGN00033
Trane IGN00059
Trane IGN00104
Trane IGN00117
Trane IGN0104
Trane IGN033
Trane IGN059

Item ID : Packard IG80V