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Universal Rnd Hot Surface Igniter Kit

  • Universal round silicon nitride igniter kit. Includes brackets and hardware to replace hundreds of OEM furnace and boiler igniters
  • Universal replacement minimizes inventory
  • Superior gas lighting ability
  • Lower power consumption
  • 18 gauge copper high temperature fiberglass insulated lead wires
  • Packard flat igniters offer an efficient , stronger, reliable hot surface Silicon Nitride design
  • Faster time to temperature response
  • Stronger more durable design
  • More robust in transit
  • Higher resistance to oxidation
  • Longer usable life
Voltage 120
Packard IG1034
Packard IG1090
Packard IG1124
Carrier LH33ZS001A
Carrier LH33ZS002
Carrier LH33ZS003
Carrier LH33ZS004
Coleman 14740511
Coleman 14740512
GE WG37X11
GE WG37X34
Rheem 62-22441-01
Rheem 62-22669-92
Rheem 62-22868-82
Rheem 62-22868-93
Trane 3400339P01
Trane IGN21
Trane IGN26
Trane IGN28
Trane IGN30
Trane IGN34
Trane B12996P01
Trane B138196P01
Trane B144676P01
Trane B144676P02
Trane B340039P01
Amana B340039P01
Amana B144676P02
Amana B144676P01
Amana B138196P01
Amana 10735002
Amana 10755002
Armstrong 383228001
Armstrong 38322B001
DMO 26789
DMO 20834
Dornback 271W
Ducane 20015201
Goodman B1401009
Goodman B140105
Goodman B1401185
Goodman B1172606
Goodman B1193939
ICP 1380654
ICP 1380672
ICP 1380680
ICP 1001344
ICP 1009604
ICP 1009980
ICP 1148245
ICP 1096047
ICP 1096048
Lennox 36N77
Lennox 33J3701
Lennox 96P01
Lennox 98P77
Lennox 98P78
Mars 67900
Mars 67930
Mars 68031
Nordyne 632-0880
Nordyne 632-3811
Nordyne 902661
Nordyne 902694
Nordyne 903110
Nordyne 903758
Nordyne 105141000
Raypak 600915
Robertshaw 41-1090
Robertshaw 41-238
Robertshaw 41-242
Robertshaw 41-402
Robertshaw 41-402N
Robertshaw 41-403
Robertshaw 41-403N
Robertshaw 41-404
Robertshaw 41-404N
Robertshaw 41-405
Robertshaw 41-405N
Robertshaw 41-406
Robertshaw 41-407
Robertshaw 41-408
Robertshaw 41-408N
Robertshaw 41-409
Robertshaw 41-409N
Robertshaw 41-410
Robertshaw 41-410N
Robertshaw 41-411
Robertshaw 41-412
Robertshaw 41-412N
Robertshaw 41-413
Robertshaw 41-414
Supco SSN2000
Supco SSN3000
Supco SSN3016
Trianco Heatmaker 2600-359
Weil-McLain 511-330-139
Weil-McLain 511-330-190
Weil-McLain 511-330-193
Weil-McLain 29074
Whirlpool 99794323
Whirlpool 99794328
Williamson 9050
White-Rodgers 767A-301
White-Rodgers 767A-303
White-Rodgers 767A-306
White-Rodgers 767A-309
White-Rodgers 767A-350
White-Rodgers 767A-352
White-Rodgers 767A-353
White-Rodgers 767A-354
White-Rodgers 767A-356
White-Rodgers 767A-364
White-Rodgers 767A-365
White-Rodgers 767A-366
White-Rodgers 767A-370
White-Rodgers 767A-371
White-Rodgers 767A-372
York 473-12509-001
York 373-05342-700
York 373-09154-700
York 2532625
York 2532625000
York 025-27766-000
York 025-27774-000
York 025-29043-000
York 025-29050-000
York 025-30277-000
York 025-31801-000
York 025-32625
York 025-32625-000
York 025-32626-000
Norton 101M
Norton 201
Norton 201A
Norton 201D
Norton 201Y
Norton 201J
Norton 201K
Norton 201L
Norton 201M
Norton 201N
Norton 201P
Norton 201R
Norton 201W
Norton 271W
Norton 271Y
Norton 271
Norton 271A
Norton 271D
Norton 271M
Norton 271N
Norton 271NM
Norton 271P
Norton 271R
Norton 271RS
Honeywell Q3200U1004
Mor-Flo 3200618
American Water Heater 6905032
Surface Igniter FC007
Surface Igniter FC011
Surface Igniter FC014
Surface Igniter FC018
Surface Igniter FC020
Surface Igniter FC021
Surface Igniter FC022
Surface Igniter FC023
Surface Igniter FC024
Surface Igniter FC025
Surface Igniter FC027
Surface Igniter FC028
Surface Igniter FC029
Surface Igniter FC030
Surface Igniter FC032
Surface Igniter FC034
Surface Igniter FC035
Surface Igniter FC037
Surface Igniter FC040
Surface Igniter FC041
Surface Igniter FC045
Surface Igniter FC046
Surface Igniter FC048
Surface Igniter FC050
Surface Igniter FC051
Johnstone L37-698
Johnstone L37-699
Johnstone L37-700
Johnstone L37-812
Johnstone L37-814
Johnstone L37-816
American Appliance IGN0030
American Appliance 271B
Barnett Brass 661924
Barnett Brass 661927
Barnett Brass 661928
Claire Bros C238
Claire Bros C238-1
Claire Bros C242
Detroit 14740512
Detroit 201D
Enerco Tech 10399
EZ Flow 62374
Giant PV 526000025
Giant PV 526000125
GMO Industries 20834
Grimsby Stove ZCO-350
John Woods 86483
John Woods 71082
HB Smith 9050
HB Smith 50018
HB Smith 1148245
HB Smith 101344
Integra 3260618
Integra 6905032
LB White Company 120-07549
Majestic 75-92-104
Majestic 75-92-105
Majestic 95-92-105
Metzger 201W
Metzger 201N
Olsen 26789
Roberts Gordon 90434300
Roberts Gordon 90436600
Starlite 11120-100-1402
Starlite 11120-100-1403
Starlite 11120-100-1405
Starlite 11120-100-1407
Starlite 11120-100-1408
Starlite 11120-100-1409
Temp Controls 9302-094
Viessmann 9302-094
Viessmann 9302-093
Wayne Home Equipment 62821-001
Wayne Home Equipment 62821-002
White LB Company 120-07549
5-2-1 025-32638-002
Long Item Development AF1000

Item ID : Packard IG1000N