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ICM Motor Protection Control

Low cost, rugged, motor temperature monitoring device designed to shut off power to a motor before thermal damage occurs.


Voltage: 120 or 208/240 VAC
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
- Relay, SPST
- N.O.: 6 amps resistive / 4 amp inductive
Copeland 071-0376-01
Copeland 071-0376-02
Copeland 071-0397-00
Copeland 071-0397-01
Copeland 071-0424-00
Copeland 071-0424-01
Copeland 071-9800-00
Copeland 071-98000-01
Texas Instruments 15AA1600 B
Texas Instruments 15AA1600 C
Texas Instruments 15AA1603 B
Texas Instruments 15AA1603 C
Bristol 241680
Texas Instruments 31AA1600 E
Texas Instruments 31AA1606 E
Mars 37300
Mars 37302
Mars 37304
Mars 37306
Mars 37322
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Item ID : ICM ICM441