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ICM I3-Series Touch Thermostat

  • Through innovation comes affordability! ICM's Programmable i3 Series of touch thermostats is designed around a unique way of using capacitive sensing technology to bring affordability to the touch marketplace. Each model features a huge display and a patent-pending dynamic interface for intuitive programming that makes installation and set up incredibly easy.

  • Large Display: Touch icons positioned off display for larger viewing area; keeps display clean of fingerprints
  • Buttonless/Switchless Front: No mechanical buttons or switches to break or wear
  • Dynamic Interface: Highly intuitive – patent-pending! Icons illuminate ONLY when they are needed
  • Customizable Printed Interface: Color and plastic can be customized
  • Customizable Icons: Can use branded icons, or those found on most cell phones, in any desired backlit color
  • Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi compatible model available with user friendly connectivity
  • Humidity Control: Humidity Control model available
  • Dual Fuel Compatibility: On all 3H/2C models
  • Positioning: Thin profile ideal for either “in control” or “wall mount” applications
  • Mounting Base: Designed with sub base to make installation a “snap”
  • Removable Logo Plate: Great for customers to promote their business
  • Thermal Safety: Excessive heating bi-metal safety switch
  • User Coded Lockout: Designed with renters and children in mind


  • Specifications:
  • 6 (1A) relay outputs
  • Dual powered – 24 VAC, 2 AA batteries & power stealing
  • Remote temperature monitoring inputs (optional)
  • Wi-Fi (optional)
  • Humidification/dehumidification (optional)
  • Sub-base terminations
  • Up to 13 buttons for customization
ICM I1010H
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