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ICM Garage Thermostat

  • When it comes to freezing cold temperatures, you can relax knowing that ICM's Frost Sentry™ is on guard. This low-cost, single-set point thermostat is perfect for areas requiring temporary or permanent freeze protection.Its special foam backing improves accuracy by providing separation from the wall at installation, while sealing up any unsightly wiring holes. This insulated backing helps eliminate the risk of ""wall effect"" (wall temperature causing false temperature readings).Ideal for storage areas, garages, workshops, crawl spaces, and other critical areas where protection from extreme cold is essential.
  • Easy, 2-wire installation
  • Fixed set point at 40°F
  • Special foam backing improves accuracy
  • Compatible with most standard electric heating units
  • Ideal for storage areas, garages, workshops and crawl spaces


  • Specifications:
  • Input: 18-30 VAC
  • Output: 2 amp maximum 
  • Temperature Set Point: Fixed 40°F 
  • Accuracy: +/- 5°F
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Item ID : ICM FS40