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ICM VFD 230 Volt

  • Specifications:
  • Ratings:
    • Nominal 24 VAC inputs (+/- 25%): 18-30 VAC RMS absolute
    • Power consumption: 10 watts typical Line Ratings - Nominal 208-230 VAC RMS
    • Inverter operation: 180-264 VAC RMS absolute
    • Bypass operation: 170-264 VAC RMS absolute
    • Maximum inverter amps: 8.5 amps RMS
      • Maximum bypass amps: 10 amps (60 HZ)


  • The multi award-winning Simple Systems™ CC750-230 Comfort Control Center enhances comfort and indoor air quality of your home or workplace by controlling the blower speed in your existing air conditioner or heat pump. By making your existing system more effective at removing and controlling excess air moisture, the CC750 creates drier, more comfortable living conditions. The CC750 can also protect your home from mold propagation by keeping humidity levels low. Best of all, the CC750 provides enhanced comfort and indoor air quality while saving on electricity.
  • Multi award-winning variable frequency/variable voltage blower motor speed control
  • Enhances comfort by more effectively removing moisture from the air
  • Improves indoor air quality by allowing more efficient use of air cleaning devices
  • Reduces energy costs by improving overall system efficiencies
  • Also provides hot discharge air in heat pump installations
  • Field programmable to maximize benefits/results regardless of environmental conditions present at each install
  • Works with your existing A/C or heat pump system equipped with a standard or inverter grade PSC, or shaded pole motor General Features:
  • Converts a PSC motor to a variable speed motor
  • Field programmable
  • Varies the air flow based on delta T
  • May be mounted in/out of the air handler
  • Motor lubrication algorithm
  • Inverter bypass
  • Over-current protaction
  • Standard thermostat interface Programming Features:
  • Differential temperature setting
  • Minimum frequency
  • Maximum frequency
  • ""G"" call frequency
  • Skip frequency
  • Maximum run time
  • Power setting
  • Repeat cycle function B or O active (for heat pumps)
  • Discharge temperature
  • Minimum coil temperature
  • Maximum coil temperature
ICM CC750-230
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