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  • Replacement for all standard potential relays
  • Patented differential voltage sensing
  • No user-adjustments required
  • Non-positional mounting configuration
  • 50A switching capabilities
  • Universal mounting bracket for easy installation
  • .250” quick connect termination
  • Safety timer
  • Input:
    • Voltage Rating: 110-270 VAC, Single Phase
    • Maximum Voltage Contact Rating: 502 VAC (absolute)
  • Motor power rating: Up to 10 HP
  • Operating Position: Non-positional
  • Safety Time Out: Approximately 1-second per 100 microfarads
  • Consumption: 5VA max.
  • Insulation: Class B (130°C); Conforms to IEC 1000- standards (6kV impulse / 6kV contact)
  • Life Expectancy (min. operations):
    • Mechanical: 1 x 106
    • Electrical: 1x106 at 16A 400 VAC, 5x105 at 35A 400 VAC (break only), 5x105 at 50A 400 VAC (break only)
Electrical Characteristics (Volts-Phase-Hertz) 1x106 at 16A 400 VAC 5x105 at 35A 400 VAC (break only) 5x105 at 50A 400 VAC (break only)
Contact Type 50A (break only), 400 VAC cos Ø = 0.7 to 0.8
Voltage 110-270 VAC, Single Phase
Supco APR5
Supco SUPR

Item ID : ICM UMSR-50