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  • Low cost single phase motor protection
  • Built in anti-short cycle protection
  • Detects high/low voltage conditions
  • Helps prevent rapid system recycling
  • LED indicators: Green for normal conditions
  • Red for fault
  • Heavy duty SPDT, isolated relay output
  • Interrogation delay prevents nuisance trips: 5 seconds
Relay SPDT
Time Delay Adjustable 6 - 600 seconds
Voltage 95 - 270 VAC
Dimension (In.) Length x Width x Height 3.25” x 3” x 1.25”
N.O. (Normally Open) 5 amps
N.C. (Normally Closed) 5 amps
Diversified CV-100-RS
Diversified CV-200-RS15
Diversified CV-200-RS20
Wagner DSP-1
Diversitech DSP-1
A1 Components EAC-401
A1 Components EAC-402
A1 Components EAC-403
A1 Components EAC-404

Item ID : ICM ICM491