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  • Fully programmable with LCD diagnostic display
  • Easy to configure - simple push button setup
  • Easy to customize - set points, variables and features are fully adjustable and may be defined by the user while in control SETUP mode
  • 25-fault memory storage, non-volatile
  • Independent high and low voltage settings ideal for dual voltage compressor applications
  • Identifies front and back side faults
  • Reset mode: choice of auto or manual
  • Protects against: voltage unbalance, high/low voltage, phase loss, reversal, faulty power, incorrect sequencing and rapid short cycling
  • Reliable, high temperature LCD to 167°F
  • Simultaneous voltage display, no scrolling
  • Line voltage programmable
  • Universal voltage operation: 190-630 VAC
  • Voltage unbalance: Adjustable: 2-25%
Relay SPDT
Control Voltage 18 - 240 VAC
Delay On Time (Seconds) 0 - 10 minutes
Voltage 190 - 630 VAC
Frequency 50 - 60 Hz
Dimension (In.) Length x Width x Height 6.5 x 4.25 x 1.5
N.O. (Normally Open) 10 amps
N.C. (Normally Closed) 6 amps
Copeland 085-0160-00
Time Mark 265
Motor Saver 455
Diversified AC-2020
Diversified AC-301
Diversified AC-302
Wagner DTP-3
Diversitech DTP-3
A1 Components EAC-800
A1 Components EAC-8000
A1 Components EAC-8002
Mars PFM-2000
Wagner WPC-800
Diversitech WPC-800

Item ID : ICM ICM450