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  • Replacement for OEM Type 621
  • Low cost, time and temperature defrost
  • HOLD input tracks compressor run times
  • Time and temperature terminate
  • 10-minute fixed defrost time
  • Pin-selectable intervals: 30/60/90 minutes
  • Test pins reduce test time by 256x
  • Stable pin post construction
  • Defrost time: 10-minute fixed
  • Interval times: Pin-Sel. 30/60/90 min.
Type Relay, SPST
Voltage 18-30 VAC
Frequency 50-60 Hz
N.O. (Normally Open) 1 amp
ICP 1052757
Snyder General 1395-329
Therm-O-Disc 26E-10
Lennox 33G9501
Rheem 47-21776-01
Intertherm 6208800
Essex Brownell 621-1
Essex Brownell 621-10
Essex Brownell 621-11
Essex Brownell 621-2
Essex Brownell 621-3
Essex Brownell 621-310
Essex Brownell 621-4
Essex Brownell 621-5
Essex Brownell 621-6
Essex Brownell 621-7
Essex Brownell 621-8
Essex Brownell 621-9
Addison 840-4-5548
White-Rodgers 90-621
Steveco 90-621
Goodman B12260-06
Amana C64301-1
Amana C64310-1
Robertshaw DT2-1000
Heil Quaker HQ1052757
Honeywell ST74A1004
Honeywell ST74A1020
Honeywell ST74A1038
Robertshaw TD-10

Item ID : ICM ICM300