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ICM Fan Blower Control Replaces Carrier

  • Reliable solid state fan blower control
  • Specifically designed to replace popular gas furnace centers
  • Pin selectable blower delays
  • High power, relay output
  • Dual function fan delay timer
  • Controls the circulating fan in HP, A/C and forced air systems
  • OFF delay purges ducts of residual air
  • ON delay allows air to reach the proper comfort level prior to energizing the fan
Delay On Time (Seconds) 75 seconds
Delay Off Time (Seconds) 105 seconds (heat); 90 seconds (cool)
Voltage 18 - 30 VAC
N.O. (Normally Open) 20 amps
N.C. (Normally Closed) 10 amps
UTEC 1012-933D
Carrier 302075-2
Texas Instruments 41F-5
Robertshaw 695-100
Carrier CES0110017
Carrier CES0110018
Carrier HH84AA010
Carrier HH84AA011
Carrier HH84AA012
Carrier HH84AA013-020
Carrier P771-7002

Item ID : ICM ICM271