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  •   Low holding current
  •   Low cost version of the ICM102 without the cooling anticipator circuitry
  •   Ideal for compressor staging
  •   Universal voltage operation
  •   Knob-adjustable time delays
  •   Simple 2-wire hookup
Amps 1.5
Voltage 18 - 240 VAC
Dimension (In.) Length x Width 2 x 2
Amp Inrush 15
Holding Current 10 mA
Frequency 50 - 60 Hz
Adjustable Delay .03 - 10 minutes (1.8 - 600 seconds)
Voltage Drop 2.5V @ 1 amp
Gemline 1C213
Gemline 1C310
Mars 32091
Diversified AC-800
Diversified ASC-600/ 601
Supco TD68

Item ID : ICM ICM105