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Draft Inducer Amana Replacement 0.55 Amps 230 Volts

  • Replaces Johnson Furnace 35HWC181 & Others
  • Shaded Pole
  • Ball Bearing
  • Single Speed
  • Hole In Housing for Sail Switch
  • Automatic Overload
  • Stainless Steel Shaft
  • 60 Hz
H.P. 1/60
Speeds 1
Amps 0.55
Rotation CW Lead End
RPM 3000
Amps at Free Air 0.6
Bearings Ball
Diameter (In.) 3.3
Enclosure Open
RPM at Free Air 3100
Static Pressure 0.1 in. 71
Static Pressure 0.2 in. 138
Static Pressure 0.3 in. 66
Static Pressure 0.4 in. 63
Static Pressure 0.6 in. 54
Static Pressure 0.7 in. 37
Static Pressure 0.8 in. 43
Motor Type Shaded Pole
Frame 3.3
Overload Protection Automatic
Phase 1
Hertz 60
Shaft Material Stainless Steel
Voltage 230
Williamson 02-568
Williamson 25-568
Century (Formerly A. O. Smith) 322P859
Armstrong 322P859
Armstrong 35035B1
Johnson Furnace 35HWC181
Armstrong 35HWC181
Armstrong 36HW
Johnson Furnace 36HWC18A
Armstrong 36HWC18A
Johnson Furnace 36HWC241
Armstrong 36HWC241
Johnson Furnace 36HWC24A
Armstrong 36HWC24A
Magnetek 464
Universal 464
Johnson Furnace 48HW
Armstrong 48HW
Johnson Furnace 48HWC181
Armstrong 48HWC181
Magic Chef 48HWC181
Johnson Furnace 48HWC18A
Armstrong 48HWC18A
Johnson Furnace 48HWC241
Armstrong 48HWC241
Johnson Furnace 48HWC24A
Armstrong 48HWC24A
Magic Chef 48HWC24A
Williamson 4MH16
Grainger 4MH17
Johnson Furnace 60HW
Armstrong 60HW
Johnson Furnace 60HWC181
Armstrong 60HWC181
Johnson Furnace 60HWC18A
Armstrong 60HWC18A
Johnson Furnace 60HWC241
Armstrong 60HWC241
Johnson Furnace 60HWC24A
Armstrong 60HWC24A
Johnson Furnace 60HWC301
Armstrong 60HWC301
Johnson Furnace 60HWC30A
Armstrong 60HWC30A
Johnson Furnace 66HW
Armstrong 66HW
Johnson Furnace 66HWC181
Armstrong 66HWC181
Armstrong 66HWC18A
Johnson Furnace 66HWC241
Armstrong 66HWC241
Johnson Furnace 66HWC24A
Armstrong 66HWC24A
Johnson Furnace 66HWC301
Armstrong 66HWC301
Fasco 7021-10263
Fasco 7021-10264
Armstrong 7021-10264
Fasco 7021-5510
Johnson Furnace 8973C
Johnson 8973C
Lennox 8973C
Universal 999
Fasco A081
Fasco AO81
Amana D69964-3
Amana D69964-4
Amana D6996403
Amana D6996404
Universal DE3L038
Franklin F3670-1
Magic Chef HWC Series

Item ID : Packard 80280