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Flat Silicon Carbide Igniter Replaces Nordyne

  • Universal flat silicon nitride igniter kit. Includes brackets and hardware to replace hundreds of OEM furnace and boiler igniters
  • Universal replacement minimizes inventory
  • Superior gas lighting ability
  • Lower power consumption
  • 18 gauge copper high temperature fiberglass insulated lead wires
  • Packard flat igniters offer an efficient , stronger, reliable hot surface Silicon Carbide design
  • Faster time to temperature response
  • Stronger more durable design
  • More robust in transit
  • Higher resistance to oxidation
  • Longer usable life
Voltage 120
Trane 1114
Nordyne 632354
Nordyne 632363
Mars 67900
Mars 67903
Mars 67917
Mars 67930
Mars 67940
Mars 67942
Mars 67950
Mars 67954
Mars 67969
Mars 67979
Nordyne 903597
Nordyne 903758
Nordyne G3
Nordyne G4
Nordyne G5
Nordyne G6
Supco SSN3000
Supco SSN4000

Item ID : Packard IG1114