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What makes Packard a one-stop HVACR source? It is our ability to provide just the right parts for almost any repair need. This includes electrical components, air handling and accessories to support all central functions of any HVACR system. Our experience, purchasing power and expert sourcing brings you ultimate value and quality that you can rely on.

Electrical Components

One and done. Complete your order and create a more manageable inventory with Packard’s full spectrum of electrical components including: capacitors, contactors, igniters and flame sensors, relays, switches, thermocouples and transformers.

Our product variety within each category is wide, and we remain focused on quality and value.

Air Handling

From blower wheels and fan blades to a complete line of individually packaged cast iron pulleys - our air handling selection is designed to complement your condensor, draft inducer, flue exhaust, small appliance or furnace repairs.


No job can be completed properly without the right tools and accessories. So, why place multiple orders for your motor and capacitor accessories when you can get everything you need from Packard and save. Order your mounting brackets, shaft adapters, capacitor brackets, end caps, rainshields, testers and more and keep your freight costs down.

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