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Draft Inducers

Packard has a large, complete inventory of OEM direct replacement draft inducers priced at a great value. These include Fasco brands as well as Packard’s own proprietary line. Packard proactively works with customers and analyzes industry supply and demand trends, to determine which OEM equipment is coming out of warranty in order to provide an aftermarket direct replacement draft inducer solution at a competitive price.

All of our draft inducers are backed by a 2-year warranty from the manufacture date or 1-year warranty from the installation date.

We won't leave you out in the cold.

Unlike large OEMs, who need to focus their attention on the equipment market, Packard has the draft inducer aftermarket expertise on staff to focus solely on what is essential to our wholesalers and your contractors’. Plus, our comprehensive cross-referencing and ability to ship same day is a benefit that OEMs may not be able to provide – allowing you to quickly get your customers what they need.

The same holds true for cost. We realize that cost and value are always important in making purchasing decisions. You no longer need to go to multiple sources for your draft inducers, thermocouples, transformers, igniters, heat sequencers and motors, when you can combine all these purchases with Packard. One combined shipment can save you hundreds in freight costs.

Our brand, better value.

The Packard brand of draft inducers made exclusively for us are OEM direct replacements at a significantly reduced price. We’ve worked carefully with our manufacturers to develop draft inducers that are safe, reliable and cost-effective drop in replacements.

Fasco A173
Packard 66847
Packard 82483