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Tom Campbell, CEO

Serving the HVACR industry since 1972

Since 1972 Tom has been the spearhead of Packard’s mission in becoming the premier master HVACR distributor that it is today. With the company’s founder Albert Taft as his mentor, Tom learned the ins-and-outs of the surplus and aftermarket motor business. Tom brings years of valuable experience in HVACR product development and sourcing which allows him to anticipate industry trends in order to deliver the best possible products to our customers.

Susan Kirkland, President

Serving the HVACR industry since 1985

With her beginnings in Packard’s Accounting department, Susan has worked in just about every area of Packard in an effort to understand how each department touches the customer. Under the mentorship of Tom, she assumed the position of President in 2007. Susan is our primary relationship builder and is vital to the strong ties we have with our customers, vendors and employees. She keeps Packard on a forward march from both.

Sales Management

Brian Komorek

Senior Vice President of Sales

Serving the industry since 1991

Brian is responsible for leading the overall efforts of the sales team, contributing to Packard’s strategic growth and maintaining and cultivating relationships. Brian has over 25 years of diverse management experience in the HVAC industry. He has spent the past 13 years as the Director of Sales for the Commercial Division of a leading specialty air conditioning manufacturer. Prior to that he was the Vice President of HVAC for a national HVAC/R distributor, and a partner at a regional mechanical contractor.

Charlie Swett

Strategic Sales Manager

Serving the industry since 1977

Charlie’s focus is qualifying suppliers for Packard’s varied and comprehensive product lines. His diverse experiences in operating a distribution warehouse, OEM sales and managing one of the largest HVAC motor buys in the country has provided him with a great understanding of how to provide customers with the highest quality product and the best possible value worldwide.

Ferris McDaniel

Vice President – OEM Sales

Serving the industry since 1983

Ferris is responsible for developing and growing Packard’s expansive cooling solutions business for aftermarket and OEM customers. His experience as the National Aftermarket Sales Manager for a major compressor manufacturer, and district manager for refrigeration OEMs, has put Packard at the forefront as a major supplier of engineered products for the cooling segment.

Rick Streacker

National Training Manager

Serving the industry since 1979

Rick supports customers and sales reps in the Midwest through the deep south, and is a product training expert - developing NATE approved programs for wholesalers and contractors. His HVAC experience began in 1969 as a technician in a motor shop. Since then he has worked with two international motor/blower manufacturers in a variety of sales engineering and sales management roles.

John Alexander

Regional Sales Manager

Serving the industry since 1992

John manages all of Packard’s business in Florida which is a critical sales area due to it’s population and year-round warm weather. John has 15 years experience in sales and regional management positions. He has Marketing experience from a major HVACR manufacturer. John brings a detailed knowledge of OEM, HVACR and pool motor sales, allowing him to service his unique market with a focus on one-on-one relationships.

Chad Roghair

Regional Sales Manager

Serving the industry since 1994

As our main customer relationship manager in eleven western states, Chad brings over sixteen years experience in product development and sales in HVACR products including components and replacement parts. He has knowledge of import and export distribution with offshore suppliers, as well as international manufacturing and compliance standards.

Jeff Huckaba

Regional Sales Manager

Serving the industry since 2008

Jeff is responsible for our customer relationships in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas. His experience with large industry distributors and HVAC manufacturers makes him extremely knowledgeable in equipment operation and sales. He has a keen awareness to addressing the needs of the South Central wholesale market and determining effective solutions.

Glen Goldreich

Regional Sales Manager

Serving the industry since 1989

Glen is responsible for our customer relationships in the Mid-Atlantic and New England states. He has experience promoting a variety of products through HVACR and working for industrial distributors gaining valuable knowledge and experience to successfully service Packard customers.

Toni Brewton

Director of Inside Sales

Serving the industry since 1977

Toni oversees Packard’s inside sales support team, ensuring that their partnership with outside sales runs smoothly and efficiently. Toni previously managed the IT help desk for a major technology firm, and served in Marketing and Customer Service in the banking industry. She is skilled in order management and providing resolution to any customer questions or concerns which may arise.