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> Arc Suppressors
> Hermetic AC Compressors & Refrigeration Compressors
> Belts
> Motors: 42-Frame, 48-Frame, Blower, C-Frame, ECM, Integral HP, Oil Burne, Pump, Resiliant Base, Unit Bearing, Unit Heater
> Air Pressure Sensing Switch Kits
> AC Scroll Compressors, Refrigeration Compressors, Condensing Units

> Line components: Controls, Driers, Expansion Valve Bodies, Sight Glasses, TXV Kits, TXV Orifices, Valves
> Surge Protectors
> Motors: ECM
> Electronically Commutated Direct Drive Blower Motor
> Shaded Pole & ECM Motors
> Refrigeration Compressors & Condensing Units
> Unit Bearing Motors
> Motors: 42-frame, Blower, C-Frame, PSC Heat Pump, Shaded Pole, Unit Bearing, Unit Heater

> Blower Wheels, Contactors, Draft Inducers, Fan Blades
> Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers
> Motors: 48-frame, Blower, ECM, Heat Pump, PSC
> Controls
> Blower Wheels, Fan Blades, Pulleys
> Scroll Compressors (coming 2nd Quater 2015)
> Industrial motors
> Motors: Unit Bearing, ECM
> Blower Wheels
> Motors: 3.3”, 4 5/16”, 4.4”, 5”, 5 5/8”, and 6 1/2” Diameter, 42-Frame, C-Frame, Evaporator Fan, OEM Direct Replacement Motors , PSC, Resilient Base , Shaded Pole, Starter, Unit Bearing, OEM Direct Replacement Draft Inducers

> Auxiliary Switches , Blower Wheels , Blowers, Capacitors , Contactor replacement coils, Contactors , Disconnect Boxes , Fan Blades , Fan Control Centers, Flame Sensors, Hard Starts, Heat Sequencers, Igniters, Motor & Capacitor accessories, Pressure Controls, Pulleys, Relays, Restring Coil Kits, Thermocouples , Tools, Transformers
> Fan Blades
> Fractional Reciprocating Compressors
> Spun Copper Driers
> Compressor Terminal Repair Kits
> USA-made Motor Run Capacitors
> Definite Purpose Contactors & Auxiliary Switches
> Extended-life Motor Run Capacitors 440/370 Volt and 370 Volt
> Duct Heaters, Crankcase Heaters